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Suryavanshi Full Movie 720p - How to Get It Legally and Safely

switching to india, surya and his team track down hafeez in mumbai, who appoints some of his men to plant explosives in mumbai hospitals while he decides the other two teams to attack mumbai police station and some other places. meanwhile, dig of mumbai police makes dysp kiran suryavanshi convince dsp avinash jha, suryavanshi trusts avinash, gets surrounded in mumbai police station and calls out for help.

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kiran suryavanshi, avinash and their team move to other places as the delhi police chief bhagat kapoor and his team take part in finding hafeez with the help of shroff and kabir as well as the delhi police chief's son arjun who is now a ddp.

meanwhile, it is revealed that hafeez was financing his attacks with money to the tune of 400 crores from dubai, while it is revealed that kanta khorana and his agency are in the league of hafeez's modus operandi.

it is revealed that he was kept alive and made to impersonate his son so as to make surya believe that the attacks were a success and it would give him a reason to kill all of the terrorists. the film then ends with the mumbai police breaking through riyaz's false id and capturing the other fake id and the rest of the team. while surya and his team are leaving the terminal, dig bhagat informs him that hafeez and the rest of the team are dead, which infuriates surya, and he then dies as he collapses.

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