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Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73: The Shocking True Story Behind the Film

Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73: A Film That Shook Malaysia

Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73 is a Malaysian thriller film that was inspired by the true story of Mona Fandey, a singer-turned-witch doctor who was convicted and executed for the murder of a politician in 1993. The film was completed in 2007, but was banned by the Malaysian government for 11 years due to its sensitive and controversial nature. It was finally released in 2018, after a long legal battle and public demand.

dukun 2007 pencuri movie 73


In this article, we will explore the background, plot, reception and impact of Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73, one of the most talked-about Malaysian films of all time.

The Background of Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73

The film was directed by Dain Said, who was inspired by the sensational case of Mona Fandey, also known as Maznah Ismail. Mona Fandey was a former pop singer who became a bomoh (Malay for witch doctor) and offered her services to wealthy and influential clients. One of her clients was Mazlan Idris, a member of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), who sought her help to boost his political career. Mona Fandey promised him success in exchange for RM2.5 million (about US$600,000).

However, instead of fulfilling her promise, Mona Fandey and her husband murdered Mazlan Idris and chopped his body into 18 pieces. They were arrested after the police found the body parts in a storeroom near their house. They were tried and sentenced to death by hanging in 1995. Mona Fandey maintained her innocence and smiled until her execution in 2001.

The case attracted widespread media attention and public fascination, as it involved elements of black magic, greed, power and murder. It also exposed the dark side of Malaysian politics and society, where corruption, superstition and violence were rampant.

The Plot of Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73

The film is loosely based on the case of Mona Fandey, but with some fictional twists and changes. The main characters are:

  • Karim (played by Faizal Hussein), a lawyer who is assigned to defend Diana Dahlan (played by Umie Aida), a bomoh who is accused of killing Dato' Jeffri (played by Elyas Omar), a politician who sought her help.

  • Diana Dahlan (played by Umie Aida), a charismatic and mysterious bomoh who claims to have supernatural powers and connections with the underworld. She is confident and defiant in court, and seems to have a hold over Karim.

  • Nadira (played by Namron), a journalist who is investigating the case and trying to expose the truth behind Diana Dahlan's activities.

  • Dato' Jeffri (played by Elyas Omar), a corrupt and ambitious politician who hired Diana Dahlan to help him win an election. He paid her RM6 million (about US$1.4 million) but was killed by her instead.

The film follows the trial of Diana Dahlan, as Karim tries to prove her innocence while Nadira tries to uncover her secrets. Along the way, Karim becomes obsessed with Diana Dahlan and falls under her spell. He starts to experience strange visions and nightmares, and his life begins to fall apart. He also discovers that Diana Dahlan has a hidden agenda that involves a powerful entity known as Dukun.

The film ends with a shocking twist that reveals the true identity and motive of Dukun, and the fate of Karim and Diana Dahlan.

The Reception and Impact of Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73

The film was originally scheduled to be released in 2007, but was delayed indefinitely by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LPF) due to its sensitive and controversial content. The LPF cited concerns that the film might offend religious sensibilities, incite violence, or influence people to engage in black magic. The film was also opposed by some family members of Mazlan Idris, who felt that it exploited his death for entertainment purposes.

The film remained banned for 11 years, until it was finally approved for release in 2018, after some minor cuts and edits. The film was released on April 5, 2018, coinciding with the announcement of the 14th Malaysian general election. The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised its direction, acting, cinematography, soundtrack and storyline. The film also performed well at the box office, grossing over RM10 million (about US$2.4 million) in its first week.

The film also sparked renewed interest and debate on the case of Mona Fandey, as well as on the issues of black magic, corruption and justice in Malaysia. The film also inspired some parodies, memes and remixes on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.


Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73 is a film that tells a gripping story based on one of the most notorious cases in Malaysian history. It is a film that challenges the viewers to question their beliefs, values and morals. It is a film that exposes the dark side of human nature and society. It is a film that deserves to be watched and discussed.

The Controversy of Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73

The film was not only controversial for its content, but also for its production and distribution. The film was produced by Astro Shaw, a subsidiary of Astro Malaysia Holdings, a media and entertainment company that also owns several television channels and radio stations. Some critics and viewers accused the company of having a conflict of interest and a hidden agenda in making and releasing the film.

Some speculated that the film was a political tool to influence the public opinion and the outcome of the 2018 general election, which was held on May 9, 2018, just a month after the film's release. Some suggested that the film was meant to discredit or undermine the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional (BN), which had been in power since 1957. Some also claimed that the film was a propaganda piece to promote or glorify the opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan (PH), which eventually won the election and formed a new government.

However, the filmmakers and the producers denied any political motives or affiliations behind the film. They stated that the film was purely a creative work of art that aimed to tell a compelling story based on a real case. They also defended their right to freedom of expression and artistic license in making and releasing the film.

The Legacy of Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73

The film has left a lasting impression and impact on the Malaysian film industry and society. The film has been hailed as one of the best Malaysian films ever made, and has won several awards and nominations at various local and international film festivals and ceremonies. The film has also been praised for its technical excellence, artistic merit, social relevance and cultural significance.

The film has also inspired and influenced many other filmmakers and artists to explore and experiment with different genres, themes and styles in their works. The film has also opened up new possibilities and opportunities for the Malaysian film industry to reach out to wider and more diverse audiences, both locally and globally.

The film has also raised awareness and interest on the case of Mona Fandey, as well as on the issues of black magic, corruption and justice in Malaysia. The film has also sparked discussions and debates on the role and responsibility of the media, the government, the judiciary, the public and the artists in dealing with such sensitive and controversial topics.

The Soundtrack of Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73

The film also features a memorable and haunting soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere and mood of the film. The soundtrack consists of original songs and instrumental pieces composed and performed by various Malaysian artists and musicians. The soundtrack was released as an album on April 6, 2018, a day after the film's release.

The main theme song of the film is "Dukun", sung by Umie Aida, who plays the role of Diana Dahlan in the film. The song is a dark and eerie ballad that reflects the character's personality and motives. The song was written by Dain Said, the director of the film, and composed by Edry Abdul Halim, a member of the popular Malaysian pop group KRU. The song was nominated for Best Original Theme Song at the 30th Malaysian Film Festival.

Another notable song from the soundtrack is "Pencuri Movie", sung by Carla, a Malaysian singer-songwriter. The song is a catchy and upbeat tune that parodies the film's title and the phenomenon of online piracy in Malaysia. The song was written and composed by Carla herself, and was released as a single on SoundCloud, a music streaming platform. The song was also used as a promotional tool for the film, as it encouraged people to watch the film legally in cinemas instead of downloading or streaming it illegally online.

The Future of Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73

The film has been a success both critically and commercially, but it also faces some challenges and uncertainties in its future. The film has been subject to some legal disputes and controversies, as some parties have claimed ownership or rights over the film or its content. For example, in 2019, a company called Skop Productions filed a lawsuit against Astro Shaw, alleging that it had breached a contract that gave Skop Productions the exclusive rights to produce and distribute the film. The case is still pending in court.

The film has also been banned or restricted in some countries or regions, due to its sensitive and controversial content. For example, in 2018, the film was banned in Brunei, a neighboring country of Malaysia, due to its depiction of black magic and witchcraft, which are considered illegal and immoral in Brunei. The film was also censored or edited in some other countries or regions, such as Singapore, Indonesia and China, to comply with their local laws and regulations.

The film has also been rumored or speculated to have a sequel or a spin-off, as some fans and viewers have expressed their interest and curiosity in seeing more stories or characters related to the film. However, there has been no official confirmation or announcement from the filmmakers or the producers regarding any plans or projects for a sequel or a spin-off.


Dukun 2007 Pencuri Movie 73 is a film that has made a mark in the history and culture of Malaysia. It is a film that tells a captivating and controversial story based on a real case that shocked the nation. It is a film that showcases the talent and creativity of the Malaysian film industry and its artists. It is a film that challenges and entertains the viewers with its genre, theme and style. It is a film that deserves to be watched and appreciated. ca3e7ad8fd


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