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dDaws Bio

I have always had music running through my veins; since I was 16 years old I have been producing and writing original pieces. My beginning started with my brother and friends being clients and supporters of my passion; slowly I began to build a name for myself, through hard work and dedication. In 1989 I enrolled in the Art Institute of Dallas for my Engineering degree.  After in which I was able to commence my passion when I started as an intern for Planet Dallas Studio. After working at Planet Dallas Studio and understanding the industry from a different perspective then what I thought I had knowledge of I knew there was nothing else I would do that would be fulfilling. I produce and write all genres of music from commercials to hit songs to instrumentals. Now that I have met my goal to own a studio. My new goal is to become a world renowned song writer not an artist, I will leave the artists to do what they do best and leave the writing to me. As of today I have had the pleasure to work with Yarbrough & Peoples, RaKim and Heavy D as well as many others. Music is the most beautiful universal language so that we are able to communicate with anyone. As I continue my journey of creating, my goal is to impact those who I hold dear and near. 

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